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Yemas Curadas

Written By: Wyatt - Nov• 20•15

Last night I finally tried using the yemas curadas (cured egg yolk) that I made a month ago.  I grated it on top a bibingka for that rich salty taste.

To cure the eggs, you need to mix equal amount of salt and sugar.  Bury the egg yolk in that mixture for about a week.  Another week to separate and dry the egg yolks inside the ref.

yOu can also grate it on salads, pasta, etc.


Written By: Wyatt - Nov• 14•15

I am doing some renovation in this blog.  fOr informations that you cannot access, you can email me at wyatt.belmonte@gmail.com

Christmas Season

Written By: Wyatt - Nov• 04•15

It’s Christmas season once again in the Philippines. As soon as the months end in xxxxber, people start greeting one another.  After the All Soul’s day (Halloween for some people), we are putting Christmas decorations.

In Angeles City,  the plaza (promenade) has a way of marking the season. Bibingka stalls are being set up in the plaza and will stay until the whole month of December.


Here is the best place to have coffee, tea or juices and enjoy the rice cakes.  

Or you can have puto bongbong. This one with condense milk.

Plaza Angel

 3 pm to 11 pm

Angeles City

Squid ink spaghetti

Written By: wyatt - Apr• 03•14

Squid ink spaghetti take 2


I made this Spaghetti one Friday during the start of the lent.  I was craving for “Adobong pusit sa ata” from home.  I was cooking the dish 3 times already that week, changing the ratio and proportions of the ingredients until I can come up with the version that I like.  Sometimes I intentionally do that to understand the interaction of ingredients. I usually make one with sautéed garlic, onions, squid and vinegar. And I would toss some spaghetti into the dish.

For this version I was using garlic, squid (with ink sacs), olive oil. The water from squid would suffice so no need to add water. Cooking is brief and I added rind and juice a lemon. Salt and pepper to taste.

For this version, I added a bechamel but it can do without. Leave me a note if you need a more detailed instruction.

Happy New Year 2014

Written By: wyatt - Jan• 02•14

2014 Dinner