Nay’s Restaurant – Tarlac City


Cafe Museo

pancit luglug

Pancit Luglug P 60.00

pancit bihon

Pancit Bihon P60.00

Cucumber Pandan

Cucumber Pandan Juice P 40.00

Tsokolateng Batirol

Tsokolateng de Batirol

Chef Sau Del Rosario’s Homecoming Party

Café Fleur

Yesterday, I was invited to Chef Sau Del Rosario book launching in Angeles City.  Part of the event is also the blessing of his Restaurant Cafe Fleur in the heritage district of the city and a homecoming party for Sau who has been out studying and or working in different parts of the country and internationally.

The book has been launched in Manila late last year but yesterday it was a time for Angelenos to be more intimate with Sau.  Attending the event are friends from the culinary industry, former classmates in Elementary and High School, media people.

The restaurant has been open since December and I am posting the food served during the event. Most of the food served in the party are from the book as Chef Sau would cook and served it. These are also regularly served in the restaurant.


Crispy Lechon Belly. It was served with Mang Thomas vinaigrette, Kare kare Sauce (in the restaurant they use Macadamia) and truffle oil

 Chef See's Seafood Laksa #cafefleur #angelescity

Chef See’s Laksa

 Papaya Salad #cafefleur #angelescity

Thai Papaya Salad

 Tamales Pampanguena #cafefleur #angelescity

Tamales Pampanguena was served in glass jars

 Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce #cafefleur #angelescity

Chicken Satay

 Salt crusted baked Salmon #cafefleur #angelescity

Salt Crusted Baked Salmon

 Fruit kebab #cafefleur #angelescity

Fruit Kebabs

 Dulce de leche cakes #cafefleur #angelescity

Dulce de Leche


20 years of Love and Cooking

Happy Easter Sunday

I added Enoki Mushrooms in my Pancit Molo today.

My Pancit Molo has a new twist. I was serving it with Enoki Mushrooms.

For the Pancit Molo Recipe you can check this post. Every now and then i alter this a little. In my molo filling sometimes i add chopped Chorizo Bilbao. Last Sunday I added Parmesan cheese.

Remembering Tita Elsa


This is the dinner for the 7th day from the death of my Tita Elsa

Tita Elsa's Favorite 1

Tita Elsa's Favorite 2 Pancit Molo Empanada Kaliskis

Fresh Lumpia served inside the bamboo with sayote tops and salad greens

Cranberry ice drop with blueberries

Lechon suman flavored with truffle fish

Dessert maja grilled corn Ginataan palitaw

Behind the scene


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