Last friday, I was able to get some really fresh basil leaves in Market Market, Fort Bonifacio. I got this from the stall of Gourmet Farms near the fountain. I was informed by the saleslady, they have new stocks from Tagaytay everyday. And I made pesto . . . which i enjoyed for the next two days.

To make a pesto:
1) Pour some olive in the processor.
2) Prepare your basil (wash, drain, remove stems) add this in the food processor. You may dry thoroughly the leaves by using a salad spinner.
3) Add parmesan cheese
4) Salt according to taste
5) Add some raw garlic, nuts (pine nuts, walnuts)
6) Blend
7) In storing pesto, add addtional olive oil (this prevents browning of the leaves)

For the ratio – you can check my previous entry

Use your pesto:
1) Dip for your bread. (Multigrain wheat bread from Deutsches Deli Bread – from Gourmet store market, market)
2) Spaghetti with Bacon
3) Linguine and tuna

Pestobilities -Pesto Possibilities

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