Chicken Pork Adobo

For the past 2 days, it was raining in Angeles City (most of Luzon). I invited some friends to my apartment: I actually wanted to ask them to see and hear the violin video I uploaded in this blog. It seems according to two friends (in 2 different location) who have seen (and heard) this video that there are extra voices towards the end that of a child and an adult. I told this is not possible, I am alone in my apartment. and I recorded that video (around 11 pm). I am not that sensitive to spirits. . . Are they talking to me?

Anyway I cooked chicken pork adobo that night. I guess there are as many recipes and versions of adobo in the philippines as there are cooks. I am making this adobo (freehand). I bought 1 kilo chicken thighs and another 2 kilo of Liempo (for this recipe).

1) Cut the thighs and pork belly (matchbox sizes). I wanted to illustrate that involving mallard’s reaction to this process would improve the taste. So the first thing I did was to sweat the meat in a skillet. Pan grill the chicken, and the pork. separate excess fat.

2) Transfer chicken and pork in another pot. Add water (half cup), vinegar, soy sauce (according to taste) and 5 heads of garlic (I was using Taiwan), two tablespoon of peppercorns and 12 leaves of bay leaves. Simmer in low heat for 30 minutes.

3) Drain the meat. Fry it in back in the skillet until brown. Arrange in a dish.

4) Put the sauce in a gravy separator. (see the picture on top) Let stand for some time for the fat to float on top. Pour back the sauce (without the fat) in the skillet to remove bits of meat and thicken the sauce and correct with salt and pepper.

5) I actually divided the dish (one with chili paste) and original.

6) The best way to consume your adobo is to let it mellow for a day or two.

7) Serve with an aromatic rice. What we enjoyed with this adobo are the flakes (crisp dried and flavorful because of the greater surface area coated by sauce).

I still have to see and hear those voices. Maybe I need to do some research and cook something that would attract these spirits.


  1. Thanks Bart

  2. Tip:
    If you don’t have the gravy separator (like me)… I simply put in the oil/sauce mixture in a bowl let it cool for a while, then pop it into the freezer for 30 minutes. This will solidify the fat so you can easily remove it with a knife or spoon.

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