My close friends knows my Tita Vicky. Not because they have met her, but I usually mention her name whenever I give suggestions or cooking tips. She is a voice in head and had influence most of my food choices, brand preferences and methods of cooking.
I would visit her on saturdays or sundays (She seems to be always on the go). At 75 she drives a pick-up, goes fishing, travels locally and abroad and has devoted most of her time to charity work for the past 15 years. She never runs out of visitors so there’s always an oppurtunity to cook for the guest. During christmas season, she throws a party for the kids in tahanang walang hagdan (at home). She drives for other senior citizens in the village. She always radiate a positive energy so her friends, relatives and even former employees and employer would visit her.

She had conditioned all the pamangkin that she’s not leaving anything when she dies. Everything goes to charity. We have to earn our own wealth and status.
But who needs the “mana” if you get to learn these valuable insights, recipes from my Tita Vicky. She had inspired me to cook and maybe bring it to another level. Science and Art. I will mention a few for now.

  • Bell Peppers – you can buy them in bulk. Cut them in to strips. Microwave for 5 minutes. Pack it in small plastics. Freeze. Add them to dishes 3 minutes before taking it off from the fire.
    The reason for heating is to denaturate, inactivate the enzymes which is responsible for the autolysis of the organism.
  • Always keep a jar of fried garic. It comes handy in cooking. To make your fried garlic – peel and pound a kilo of garlic. Fry or microwave with a little oil.
    Some uses of fried garlic:
    Microwave fried rice – rice, olive oil, patis, fried garlic. microwave for 4 minutes. Stir and rest. It’s as good as your fried rice maybe even better.
  • Use only salt and pepper to enjoy steak.
  • Check my entry “fish be with you

    Some of the usual raw materials in my Tita Vicky’s refrigerator and Pantry
    – A year old cheese (she insists to age it herself in the freezer)
    – Kalkag and Guinamos
    – Corn (creamed styled) – she usually adds in Ginataan na Tambo and tugabang
    – Extra Virgin Olive oil
    – Sauces (different soybased sauces)
    – Macademia butter
    – Capers
    – Assorted uga
    – Romaine lettuce (never runs out of this)
    – Beef Knee Cap (even when she cooks kare kare, she adds a knee cap for a thicker, richer soup base)
    – Slab of Imported Corn Beef (Corn refers to kernels; corns of salt)
    – coffee : Kona – Hawaii (now i miss tita aida) . Costa Rican – normally they produce this in small quantities only but it better than columbian supreme. I can enumerate more items in the refrigerator. but the more i think about it, the more i drool. I just mention them as i write entries in this blog.

(I wrote this in my friendster blog November 2005)

Tita Vicky

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