Isdaan, Gerona Tarlac

If you have problems dealing with your anger, you can take a drive going north of Manila. After reaching the end of North Luzon Expressway and you still have not process and sort those emotions. Drive a little further to Tarlac City. Somewhere in the town of Gerona, there’s a resto park called Isdaan.


Long ago this place was a ricefield. Now it has become a fishing park. A fish pond with lots of floating rafts and palms.

Tacsiyapo wall 3

The main attraction of this restaurant is the Tacsiyapo wall.

Tacsiyapo wall 2

For P12 per plate you can release your anger by slamming these on the walls.

Tacsiyapo wall

For those with severe anger and money to spent, you can a buy a working television set P1300 and slam this on the wall.

Shout at the top your voice TACSIYAPO! TAC-SIY-APO! Tacsiyapo!

Relaxing pond

Maybe you can do this repeatedly until you’ll notice this has a calming effect. You will notice the serene pond full of carp.

Pineapple juice

You’ll noticed that the pineapple juice was made from real fresh pineapples decorated with kalacuchi.

tacsiyapo dish

So what is tacsiyapo? I texted some kapampangan friends about the meaning of the word. It’s a vulgar word. Like “valdemort” in Harry Potter nobody dare to tell me. It happens to be the signature dish in the menu. The dish was extremely sour then hot. One friend told me later that it was made in a way that you’ll react and shout Tacsiyapo!


Anyway the rest of the dishes where pleasant like this “tinupig na manok”. It’s chicken marinated in coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled.

kare kareng bulalo

We also had kare kareng bulalo. But as for the meaning of Tacsiyapo you have to guess.

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  1. christine says:

    the way you wrote this post captured the shifts in “perspective” haha. taksyapo is so soothing — that’s why it’s our favorite expression!

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