Two years ago I posted this recipe in Wyatt’s Kitchen with the Title “As Time goes by“. It’s a recipe I’ve learned from Tita Vicky. She learned this recipe from a friend when she was working in the US back in the 70s.

It’s very easy to do but you need to wait. Wait for 2 weeks curing time.


Pork Belly

Although these are simple materials. It pays to be critical about the quality. When you buy your pork belly, ask the butcher to slice it thinly.


Use only freshly crack peppercorns. Use mature, unadulterated peppercorns.


Line up the tray salt and pepper. put your slices of pork belly.


Cover with more salt and freshly cracked peppercorns.


Cover with a plastic film. store in the lowest part of the refrigerator and age for at least two weeks.

German Bacon

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10 thoughts on “German Bacon

  1. it must be such a worry to have your father so unwell – we all hope he maintains his kidnye function and his health, and that there are no complications from the frequent dialysis, which must be such a worry to all of your family.
    It is kind of you to still devote time to this blog, as much as you do. The German bacon article has such clear directions, I will attempt it today.
    Thank you for your loyalty to your readers.

  2. hi wyatt! congratulations, you won a consolation prize in my “guess the flavor” contest! you have 6 pieces free screwdriver cupcakes.

    please contact me ASAP so we can work out how I can give you your prize, especially since you spend so much time with your dad now. my best wishes for you and your dad! 🙂

  3. Hi again Wyatt! I wish your Dad well too. Hope he will get better.
    Wanna ask how much salt would u put into it, approximately?

  4. i really hope your dad will feel better… anyway… any idea what the taste of this german bacon will be?… again, thanks for sharing…

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