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Bacon and Eggs Ice Cream

Written By: wyatt - Mar• 30•09

Bacon and Eggs Ice cream by Zenses from wyattbelmonte on Vimeo.

I was looking for still photos of this ice cream from my camera last Saturday. I can’t find one. . . so I’m sharing this video (sorry about the noises in the backgound). This idea came from Heston Blumenthal. I think Chef Johann made a nice version.

A. Venue
Makati Avenue

ps it’s not on the menu but try asking the waiters

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  1. ohmski says:

    weeee! i think i’ll be getting here over and over for some party ideas.

  2. wyatt says:

    Yes it’s a liquid nitrogen ice cream

  3. Kai says:

    is it nitrogen ice cream?

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