Pasta Angeleno

It was also called Pasta Angeleno in Northern Brew. Cioccolo and Ala Creme also makes a good version of this pasta. I think you can easily do this at home. As long as you want to know in the final product.

Here’s a simple version. It is open to modification. It’s a post intended for the Holy week to those who would skip meat. But take this in moderation or it will bring you face to face with God in no time.

Boil pasta shrimp

Boil some spaghetti (some people would use angel hair because it will have a greater surface area for the sauce to coat. Blanch the prawn last 2 minutes.

Saute minced garlic

Minced some garlic. For this I used 1 bulb or garlic. Peeled chopped in food processor with olive oil

Saute crab fat and mushrooms
Add a tablespoon of crabfat, mushrooms. You can add onions.

add shrimp essence
Peel the prawn. Get the essence by pounding the head, exoskeleton with a little water.

cook until the sauce coates the noodles
Cook until sauce coats the pasta

Grate some lemon
I like to grate some rind of lemon into this dish.

Top with shrimps
put back your shrimp.

Add lemon
I like to serve it with a slice of lemon.


  1. sayang, you should have used fresh mushrooms

  2. Bro, pasta aligue ba ito?

  3. looks good

  4. Haha, it’s not for Lent, really, it’s so rich the back of my neck ached by just looking at your photos. But I’d love to make it, maybe after Lent. 😉

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