The Elusive Potato Cake

There’s something about this potato cake enchanted my friends in Angeles .  Perhaps it is the crude soft bread texture.  . . or the caramel crunch?  The bits of potato that satiates one’s cravings for carbohydrates? Of all the cakes that I usually bring from Negros, this is the most requested.

It comes from the town of  Hinigaran or Binalbagan (branch) an hour drive south from Bacolod.  Mila’s Rstaurant.  You can also order it a day ahead when you’re in Bacolod and they will send it for pick up in Libertad.

Milas Restaurant, Hinigaran 034-3917849

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  1. olivia kim says:

    it looks simple but delicious. will have to try this out. thank you. ^^

  2. aravis says:

    Haven’t heard of this before. One more thing to try to find…

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