I got excited this morning to find the fish “Abo” in Pampang Market.  It’s a favorite fish for pinirito (frying) among the Ilonggo.  Last year I also mentioned that it’s a favorite dried fish in Naga.  It’s gut once dried is a sought after delicacy (@ P1,500 a kilo).  Kabalens call it alak (stress on the 2nd syllable).  If the names we give are based on our experience, the name “abo” must be referring to it’s color (ash), but then again there could be another story.

When I fried it this morning, I realized that it was not that fresh.  But then again having it for breakfast brought me home to Negros even for just a moment. Where’s the ginisang monggo?


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3 thoughts on “Abo

  1. that’s interesting….For us Capampangans…”Abo” is pinaghalong tira tirang menudo,mechado,asado,estofado,niluto sa toyo…lahat ng may “do”….its usually the left overs from fiesta….cooked as one dish….its great with garlic fried rice and atchara….and please dnt forget the kape barako with carabao’s milk..ehehehe=)

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